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Your Next Online Event Can be Amazing

BLEE's online events service delivers beautiful and professional virtual events.

Rather than another Zoom meeting, we make your events engaging and memorable.


Your online event can be more

than just another Zoom meeting

By now it's clear that video conferences are no substitute for real events. These Zoom calls are long, tiresome, and don't give that event feeling at all.

Where's the Wow Factor? Where's the branding? Where's the audience involvement? And why is it all so technical and complicated?

BLEE's service makes your online event professional looking, memorable and engaging.

Whether you're looking to make an announcement, deliver content, raise a toast or throw a big conference - with BLEE you can make it amazing.

Go from this...

to this:

On-screen graphics

Create an immersive brand experience with frames, name tags, graphic countdown screens, pop up facts and more.

Audience Interactions

Let your participants feel like they have a say in what's going on. Have them asking questions, answering polls and more.

Split Screens

Show only the speakers you want, when you want them. Control layout and size. Create a dynamic between moderator and panelists.

and it's not just about looking good:

Content planning

Online events are different: people do not have the same attention span and content is not delivered the same. We help you plan for that.

Tech Stack Planning

There are thousands of tools for remote events nowadays. We pick the best one for your needs and professionally operate it.

Speakers Preparation

Our experts brief your speakers on best practices for speaking on a webcam, and help them prepare a properly looking scene.


Why stress over your live event? We pre-record certain segments of every event to stay on the safe side and focus on what matters.

Multi Channel Broadcast

Catch your audience wherever they are. Broadcast your live event on Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or all together. 

Contingency Plan

So much can go wrong in a live event. Speakers missing, internet failing, computers crashing. We plan so that your show can go on.

additional pro features:

🎤 Professional moderator

🎨 Professional branding

🎥 On-site crew

🏢 Studio

📼 Summary video

📣 Marketing campaign

🎟 Audience management

🏟 Conference features

Case Study

Climate Policy Forum 2020

With hundreds of attendees, dozens of speakers and three simultaneous stages, Climate Policy Forum was the first major online diplomatic conference for the European Commission since the COVID-19 breakout. 

In order to support such a complicated event, BLEE has:

  • adapted the agenda for the online setting;

  • managed interactive elements throughout to maintain interest;

  • sourced the most suitable and most mature platforms;

  • managed a complex system of briefing and preparing speakers;

  • moderated on stage and virtually;

  • branded the screens;

  • managed communications with participants, and more.

Watch the recap:

Screenshot 2019-05-21 at 14.08.30.png


We’ll reach out to you about your request and share content and updates about events and services. We do not share your information with anyone. You can update your preferences at any time by emailing us.

Talk to Tomer

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact me - Tomer Weinstein, Value Specialist at BLEE.



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