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The Staying Safe Challenge

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In normal times, managing the city's operations requires us to maintain public order;                  but when coping with the Coronavirus outbreak, the task is even more challenging.


There are two main elements unique to the Coronavirus age:

  • Preventing crowds from gathering

  • Businesses that are operating in violation of the Ministry of Health's directives – businesses that are seating customers, businesses that have remained open despite the directives


More stringent restrictions are added day by day - going outside without a mask is one of them.

The Challenge Statement

Enlisting the public to help municipal agencies maintain public order.

Our focus is on positive motivation for maintaining public order, so we won't have to use enforcement measures.


We wish to note that the solution does not have to be technological in nature – for example, you can suggest a positive public information campaign by the Municipality or any other idea.

What should I submit?

An implementable idea; If the idea includes a tool – an illustration / prototype of the tool should be presented.


Each team must submit these 3 items:

  • Working code or mock up of their product

  • A short document (1-pager) explaining their solution

  • 90-second video pitch

All of these must be submitted via Shawee platform until April 7th at 8 AM (TLV Time)

Who can participate?

  • Any creative individual

  • Computer mavens

  • Project Managers

  • Systems Analysts

  • Programmers

What are the judging criteria

  • Feasibility - Proof of technological feasibility 

  • Time to market- Development speed, Implementation feasibility. 

  • Team- The team members ability to lead the product’s development 

  • Impact - The degree to which the solution impacts different population groups and the ability to replicate the idea for use by other cities in Israel and overseas.


  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 

  • Will appear on the municipal dashboard that will be posted today – for illustration purposes, the number of open inquiries of the types that were cited will be displayed

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