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Axonius develops and delivers a unified, extensible, and open platform that integrates information from networked devices and existing device-specific standalone management solutions, creating a single visibility and control environment. Axonius improves an organization's security and operational posture, allowing IT and security operations teams to safely enable device adoption and usage at scale.


Claroty was conceived to secure the safety and reliability of industrial control networks. The Claroty platform is an integrated set of cyber-security products that provide extreme visibility, unmatched cyber threat detection, secure remote access, and risk assessments for industrial control networks (ICS/OT).


The company's technology has been tested, selected, and adopted by industrial automation control vendors and networking companies. Its strategic partnerships also include system integration and managed security service firms worldwide.


CyberInt develops solutions for providing cyber intelligence and protecting online activities in order to help companies of all sizes and types eliminate potential threats before they become crises. The company enables its customers to combat and respond to advanced cyberthreats that would normally go unnoticed by standard security controls, while at the same time protecting their brand, digital assets, and customers.


Indegy provides situational awareness and real-time security for industrial control networks to ensure operational continuity and reliability. The Indegy platform delivers comprehensive visibility and oversight into all OT activities, including changes to controller logic, configuration, and state.


The platform works across all vendor devices by utilizing control network inspection of proprietary control communications and patent-pending, agentless controller verification technology that validates PLC firmware, code, and configuration.


Preempt protects enterprises from security breaches and malicious insiders with a patented behavioral firewall that combines user and entity behavior analytics and adaptive response. This proactive approach allows organizations to mitigate threats in real time without engaging security teams.


Preempt provides visibility into enterprises' risky users, end-points, stale or compromised accounts, and privileged user behavior. By monitoring and learning the behavior of every user, group, and device on the network, including when and where they log in, their role, system privileges, and password strength, Preempt helps organizations identify malicious activity.


ScadaFence offers cybersecurity solutions to ensure the operational continuity of industrial (ICS/SCADA) networks. Its solutions are designed to make day-to-day operations visible, detect cyber attacks, and offer forensics tools for improving responsiveness. The solutions are suitable for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, and automotive industries.


ScadaFence’s passive solution reduces operational risks such as downtime, process manipulation, and theft of sensitive proprietary information. The company offers a comprehensive product suite that includes continuous real-time monitoring of the industrial environment as well as lightweight tools designed to automate security assessment.

XM Cyber

XM's HaXM is a fully automatic hacking machine, simulating multiple large-scale APTs against any organization. By modelling different threat actors and challenging the network continuously from every possible angle, HaXM is able to identify the most critical issues for remediation and provide insights about the true security posture.


René Rindermann

Chief Information Security Officer


René completed his Business Economics Studies in Göttingen, majoring in Business Information Systems. Prior to joining E.ON, René worked as a Consultant for workflow system in Switzerland. He joined E.ON in 2000 as a Consultant, before he became Sales Controller and later on Head of Marketing & Sales Back office in Germany.


In 2008 he was announced Managing Director of E.ON IS Netherlands B.V. in Rotterdam.

In 2010, René took over the Program Management for the Infrastructure Outsourcing at E.ON, to manage the Deal-, Transition- and Transformations-Phase in addition to the leadership of the unit Infrastructure Project Portfolio Mgmt.


In 2014 he became Program Manager of E.ON’s Security Improvement Program.

In 2015 René became IT Security Officer of E.ON and Head of IT Security at E.ON Business Services. Since 2017 he is Chief Information Security Officer for the E.ON Group.


René lives in Hanover, is married and has no children. In his free time, he likes travelling, skiing, yoga, scuba diving and spending time with friends.




Hans Hjertsäll

Head of Security E.ON Nordic 


Hans Hjertsäll has long experience within management and Information Security in high demanding organizations such as national police, nuclear plants, bank headquarters and scientific facilities. His technical expertise is proven by the CISSP, CISM and CRISC certifications.




Richard Stephanus

Application Security Specialist 


Richard grew up in Hannover in northern Germany and studied Computer Science in Brunswick and Hannover. 2006 he joined E.ON as a developer for web applications and supported the training of trainees. 


Being interested in secure coding as part of his daily work, he grew into the position of a security expert in the developer community. In 2016 Richard got the opportunity to use his full-time work to improve security at E.ON. Richard is married and has two boys whom he could not yet convince to code applications.



Tomáš Sofka

Security Analyst at E.ON Czech Distribuce a.s 


Tomáš Sofka is responsible for the deployment of cybersecurity technologies into the E.ON Czech OT environments. Before starting to work for E.ON, he spent six years as a system engineer at the centre of cyber defence of the Czech Army.



Oliver Achten

Cyber Emergency Response Team 


Oliver Achten calls himself a “socially adapted cybersecurity geek with striking management skills and an utter cybersecurity agglomerator, who is fortunate to have turned his obsession into his profession”.


He is intensely curious and his passion is to observe and evaluate how something works, whether it be technical, entrepreneurial or human in nature. He began his career as a researcher, in a place and time when cybersecurity was still called IT security. As an Incident Handler, he identified, analyzed, and subdued attacks on the enterprise network of a global company.


Subsequently, as a consultant, he led an expanding incident response practice to help companies detect, prevent and respond to security incidents, supporting them through the full lifecycle of incident response. Today he represents a team responding to security incidents, as well as protecting customer data, confidential business information and critical infrastructure, in particular, Smart Meter, Smart Grid and Power Plants.



Matthias Holder

Venture Scouter and Developer 


Matthias Holder started at E.ON in 2016 as Trainee and afterwards passed several stations within E.ON Innovation before joining the :agile accelerator in 2018.


He received his education at the ESB Business School, Reutlingen as well as at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid and holds a Master of Science of the Northeastern University, Boston. Before joining E.ON Matthias Holder worked for BMW and Gas Natural Fenosa.



Justus Hagemann

Associate Investment Manager 


Justus Hagemann is Associate Investment Manager at the Innovation Scouting and Co-Investments (SCI) department of the E.ON SE obtaining a major focus on cybersecurity start-ups.


He was born in 1998 in Bielefeld, Germany, and joined the E.ON Business Services GmbH (EBS) in 2015 as Dual Student. While studying Business Informatics at the DHBW Mannheim and BME Budapest, he worked for different EBS departments in Hannover, Munich, Hamburg, Essen and Nottingham, UK. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in 2018 he joined the SCI in his current position



Juan J. Zamphiropolos

Senior Project Manager at E.ON


For the past 5 years, Juan has been a part of the E.ON team, managing a variety of projects in cybersecurity, power distribution, communication technologies and smart metering


Before joining E.ON, Juan studied for Bachelor's & Master's degree in the field of Electrical Power Engineering.

Keynote Speaker

Assaf Mischari

Head of Research at Team8 


Assaf Mischari leads a team of elite cybersecurity researchers at Team8. Prior to joining Team8, Assaf held numerous leadership roles in the Israel Defense Force's Technology & Intelligence Unit 8200, where he was trained and served as the CTO of the Cyber Division. 


Assaf has over 15 years of cybersecurity experience researching and developing both software and hardware. Assaf holds a B.Sc in electrical engineering from Tel-Aviv University.

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Tomer Weinstein

Chief Business Developer at Blee 


Tomer handles the strategy and cooperation aspects of every client. Tomer has founded a mobile health startup and has led social projects from Tel Aviv to Nairobi.


Tomer is a graduate of the MBA program in the University of Geneva.




Dvir Tzanua

CEO of Blee 


CEO of BLEE, in charge of planning and executing the project strategy. Dvir is an accountant has founded a startup in the payments industry and has been the CEO of a startup in financial education. Has over a decade of experience in team training.