April 5th-7th

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Join cities around the world in defeating the Coronavirus!

The Tel Aviv -Yafo Municipality, a member of the global network of resilient cities, invites you to take part in meeting challenges related to the Coronavirus crisis. The technology that you will develop in this hackathon will be used by Tel Aviv - Yafo and other cities around the world to save businesses from collapsing and aid the communities who need us most.

Open until Monday noon

The Challenges

Mayor’s Challenge: Local Business Saver

How can we evaluate the chances of local businesses to overcome the crisis?

The Staying Safe Challenge

How can public order and cleanliness be maintained while reducing the spread of the virus?

The Caring Challenge

How can cities assist vulnerable populations during a crisis?

Who can participate?

Programmers, designers, startups, anyone with an idea or ability to solve the challenges.


Sunday, April 5th

(Times in Israel, CET+1)

10:00 am Kickoff

10:30 am Oracle Cloud Info Webinar

10:30 am Singles webinar 

01:00 pm  Local Business Saver Challenge webinar 

04:00 pm The Staying Safe Challenge webinar

06:00 pm The Caring Challenge webinar 

06:30 pm Day Close

Monday, April 6th

10:00 am Kickoff

01:00 pm Local Business Saver Challenge webinar 

04:00 pm The Staying Safe Challenge webinar

06:00 pm The Caring Challenge webinar 

06:30 pm Day Close

Tuesday, April 7th

08:00 am Submission Deadline 

06:00 pm Live Winners Announcement


How does the hackathon work?

The hackathon is based on the following platforms:


For webinars, announcements and 1:1 mentoring meetings

Facebook Group

To find teammates and updates


For updates


To register your team and submit your project

What should be submitted?

Each team must submit these 3 items:

Working code or mock up of their product

A short document

(1-pager) explaining their solution

90-second video pitch

All of these must be submitted via Shawee platform until

April 7th @ 8 AM  TLV Time

How are winners selected?

The judges will review your submissions and score them according to the following criteria:



Time to market




Team ability to execute the idea


Replicability in multiple cities


The teams with the highest scores will be announced on

April 7th live event.


Note that only teams (of 2 and above) can participate. If you don’t have a team, sign up as an individual to find other people to work with.

You may sign up until Monday noon.



Efrat Makin-Knafo

CRO and head of the Resilience & Social Equality Authority in Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Khouloud Ayuti



Eran Avrahami

Deputy General Director for Planning

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Lina Liakou

Managing Director for Europe and the Middle East, for Global Resilient Cities Network pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation

Global Resilient Cities Network

Ruby Zluf

Deputy General Manager and Director of Operations

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Eytan Schwartz

Director of Communications

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Anne-Marie Hitipeuw

Chief Resilience Officer of the City of The Hague and responsible for the development and implementation of the Resilience Strategy (2019)

City of The Hague

Asaf Sobol

Senior Businees Development Tech Leader


Sigal Weitzman

City Council member, Technology & Innovation Services

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Piero Pelizzaro

Chief Resilience Officer and the City Lead for the H2020 Lighthouse project Sharing Cities at the Municipality of Milan

Municipality of Milan

Liora Shechter

Chief Information Officer and Smart City Director

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Sharon Blum Melamed

Director of welfare, Social Services & Public Health Administration

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality


Niv Korah


Ascend, Eva ventures

Natalie Hayout

Dashboard and control center manager

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Doron Barankin

Head of GIS Dept.

Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

Rinat Guy

 Chief Innovation Officer

Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

Marcelo Mittelmann

Head of Information and Cyber Security

Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

Avinoam Erez

Director of urban security patrol

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Ray Landsberg

Principal Technology Specialist


Guy Elad

Deputy CIO & Director of Operation & IT services

Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

Anat Eisik Caspi

Resilience & Cities Partnerships Senior Manager, The Resilience & Social Equality Authority

Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

Avi Zeitan

Marketing and Strategy Professional

Owner of Zeitan Consulting

Shlomo Stein

Deputy director of the Municipal Supervision Department

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Ben Dali

Cloud solution architect


Raz Blanero

Senior Researcher 

The Center for Economic and Social Research

Gili Zukerman

Director of Technologies System Operation Sector

Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

Edna Pasher

Founder & Chair at Israel Smart Cities Institute, 

CEO at Pasher Associates

Ariel Munfo

Founder of MarkeTech & EuropeClouds


Hilla Ovil Brenner

Managing director

Techstars acceletor

Daniella Segal


Lamed Holding, Tencent exploration team

Patrick Layani

Integration Consultant

Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

Yossi Dan

Co-founder & Board Member at Israel Smart Cities Institute

Chief Innovation at Challengy

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