Chefman is proud to announce the Chefman Innovation Challenge, an opportunity for Israeli entrepreneurs and high-tech companies develop new and innovative use applications – app/software, hardware, or otherwise - for small kitchen appliances.


Chefman will pair its manufacturing prowess with the creativity of the Israeli tech ecosystem, all with the goal of continuing to perfect the cooking experience.


Challenge winners will then be able to tap into Chefman's distribution channels across the U.S. as well as take advantage of further advanced partnership opportunities. 

Registration closes December 15th



The best kitchen appliances do more than just prepare your food. That's why Chefman is on a mission to to transform the kitchen. Want to be at the forefront of disruptive solutions for the kitchen of the future? Sign up for the Innovation Challenge today. 

The event will take place on 26-27th of December in Tel Aviv area.

Registration closes December 15th


26-27th December, 2017


Developers, product designers, industrial engineers, UI/UX designers, marketing & business people, and startup companies. You can register as individuals, teams or companies.





The Chefman brand exists to fill a void on retail shelves and in consumer kitchens for a truly value-focused kitchen appliance. By questioning and adding value and innovation at every touchpoint in the manufacturer to end user journey, Chefman has provided home chefs with the tools they need to maximize their kitchen space and efficiency. 

The spectrum of innovation coming from the creative minds of Israelis crosses industry boundaries, and we’d like to help it cross the Atlantic. As the fastest growing brand in Kitchen Electrics in North America, Chefman must always be ahead of the curve when it comes to the wants and needs of the home chef, and we’re looking to utilize our manufacturing prowess & retail distribution to bring your greatest ideas to life. 


We’re industry agnostic – the ideas can come from anywhere, no matter what industry they were designed to disrupt - as long as they can be applied in some way to help increase efficiency or enhance the way people prepare and/or enjoy food. Whether that innovation requires a plug, a battery, or a cool gadget is far less important than the value it can bring to the everyday life of millions of people across the globe. 


Join us at The Chefman Innovation Challenge to experience a life changing opportunity and earn the potential to collaborate with an innovative, exciting brand to bring your dreams to life. 

Registration closes December 15th

If you still have any questions, contact us!