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Uncover the hidden power of hackathons. Discover hackathons as a powerhouse for building culture, rapid growth, and managing change - while also having fun.

At BLEE, we do hackathons. Only hackathons. That makes us experts on the matter.

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Upgrade your hackathon to pro

Pizza and beer? That's the hackathon of the past.

In 2022, hackathons are a sophisticated tool for achieving people and business goals in fast-growing companies.

Here are some key stats:

Culture Goals

Streamline your organization: 
60% of our participants report feeling more open talking to their managers, 70% feel more comfortable communicating with people outside their team.

Give your developers a legacy: with us, hackathons achieve up to 30% implementation of projects. Employees report feeling they are taken seriously and have an actual impact on the day-to-day.

Product Goals

Recruiting Goals

Form a relationship with your candidates that ends with a contract: we average two successful recruitments per 50 participants in senior R&D positions.

Growth Goals

As you grow, it becomes more difficult aligning your people. 55% of our participants report better understanding of company strategy, product and market.

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BLEE makes it simple

Our experts provide a range of services that makes it easy to run a successful hackathon in your organisation.

Consulting Service

A BLEE senior consultant that designs the format with you, plans your gantt and agenda, refines your challenges and trains you for hackathon day.


An entire BLEE crew that takes leadership of the project, handles logistics and IT, recruits and prepares  the participants and manages the hackathon day.

End to End Service



An online 6-hour workshop that teaches you how to run a hackathon A-Z and create your hackathon plan.

You also get templates and checklists and 15 mins mentoring.


IT Platform

White label hackathon SAAS you can easily set up to manage your hackathons. It is customised for your organisation and integrates with your existing IT.

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