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BLEE Hackathons

Hackathons CAN achieve ROI!

If you still think about hackathons as welfare events, you're wasting time and money.

Hackathons can and should achieve measurable ROI:

in people goals and business KPIs.

Hackathons with BLEE
achieve measurable ROI:

Feasible solutions

Feasible Solutions

That generate growth

חיבור משמעותי


Across teams and sites

חוויה משמעותית

Meaningful Experience

Lasting cultural impact

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Hackathons that deliver

Internal Hackathons

💪 Innovate

30% of developed projects go into the roadmap. Employees report feeling they are taken seriously and have an actual impact on their day-to-day.

🤝 Engage

60% of our participants report feeling more open talking to their managers, 70% feel more comfortable communicating with people outside their team.

External Hackathons

🤟 Recruit

Create a strong employer brand and actually hire: we average two successful placements per 50 participants in senior R&D positions.

👋 Advocate

We plan hackathons for people to develop and experiment using your platform or product, share their experience and form a community.

How did Snyk engage 1000 employees online?
How did Snyk engage 1000 employees online?
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AppsFlyer took their hackathon seriously
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WalkMe made their hackathon bigger
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Hackathon Stories to Watch

How Does it Work?



Project Management

A BLEE senior consultant designs the format with you, plans your gantt and agenda, refines your challenges and trains you for hackathon day.

An entire BLEE crew that takes leadership of the project, manages your people, handles tasks, prepares the participants and manages the hackathon day.



Use the hackathon as a skill building opportunity with workshops and expert mentors, specially trained for maximum effect in a short time.

Hybrid Ready

Face-to-face is not always an option. Our service is adaptable to hybrid or online-only formats, cross countries or time zones.


Let's get your hackathon

off the ground

The first step in setting up your

ROI-generating hackathon?
A short call with one of our experts.

We promise to provide value starting with the first call


Snyk’s Online All-Hands Hackathon: